Police Department Publishes 2023 Annual Report

Published on June 10, 2024


ARLINGTON, Va. – The Arlington County Police Department announces the publication of the 2023 Annual Report. The report is an opportunity to feature the accomplishments of members of our department in their unwavering dedication to our four key initiatives of Crime Prevention and Control, Transportation Safety, Community Engagement, and Employee Wellness.

“I remain incredibly proud of the work performed by the sworn and professional staff of the Arlington County Police Department to prevent and solve crime, maintain transportation safety and build lasting relationships within the Arlington community,” said Chief Andy Penn. “As in years past, police staffing remains a significant challenge facing our agency and we continue to implement tools and programs designed to attract new applicants interested in a career in law enforcement and retain our incredibly dedicated and professional staff. Despite our reduction in staffing, the safety of the Arlington community remains our top priority and our deployment of resources continues to focus on prioritizing core services including responding to emergency incidents, maintaining operational readiness, performing active patrols and conducting comprehensive follow up investigations on crimes against people and serious property crimes.”

2023 Crime Statistics Overview

The Annual Report is the official release of crime and crash statistics by the Department for the preceding year and provides an overview of multi-year trends in both categories. Year-end crime statistics are submitted to Virginia State Police in March, based upon the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) format. Investigative updates, as well as the re-classification of cases, can occur throughout the year, making the data dynamic as amendments are made. The most updated data, which may not be consistent with what is included in this report, is available on the Virginia State Police website.

The overall crime rate in Arlington County, reported as Group A Offenses (defined on page 19 of the Annual Report), increased 6.0% in 2023 as compared to the previous year. The total number of offenses (offenses per 100,000 persons) remains below the 2023 Virginia average. NIBRS breaks down Group A Offenses by three categories: Crimes Against Persons, Crimes Against Property and Crimes Against Society. Reported Crimes Against Persons increased 8.3% in 2023 from 2022 totals with the primary drivers being increases in intimidation and simple assaults offenses. Reported Crimes Against Property offenses increased 4.8%, compared to 2022 with marked increases in robberies, burglaries, extortion and fraud offenses. Crimes Against Society increased 14.5% compared to 2022 totals with the primary driver being drugs/narcotics offenses. Group B Arrests slightly increased but remained well within the standard range of five-year trends. A detailed summary of annual crime statistics begins on page 19 of the Annual Report.

Annual Report Highlights

The 2023 Annual Report summarizes accomplishments in each of the Department’s key initiatives. Topics in the report include:

  • Personnel Awards and Recognition from the Community
  • Continuing to Support Employee Wellness Through Expansion of Programs
  • Welcoming New Chaplains
  • Cadet Program Development
  • Focus on Police Officer Applicant Engagement
  • Community Action Team (CAT)
  • Specialized Law Enforcement Operations
  • Notable Criminal Investigations and Sentencings
  • Addressing Opioids in the Community and Incident Data
  • Fatal Crash Investigations
  • Tutoring Students with Affordable Housing & Communities and the Life Enrichment Center
  • Engagement Collaboration with the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office
  • Internal Affairs Review 

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