Earth Day and Beyond: Arlington Grows Active

Published on April 04, 2024

Cherry blossom tree

Flowers bloom and new leaves bud each spring, but regardless of season, Arlington’s environmental roots only grow stronger.

Earth Day returns April 22. As per usual, 24 hours can only hint at the County’s year-round commitment to bettering our ecosystem and the quality of life for all creatures.

Here are just a few Arlington milestones since last Earth Day:

Leading the County’s big push for carbon neutrality by 2050, the Arlington Initiative to Rethink Energy (AIRE) has cataloged the latest accomplishments in its annual yearbook, “ACCELERATE.”

The annual report details climate-proofing efforts against 21st century flooding— such as the County’s recently opened stormwater vault in Westover and the new Ballston Wetland Park.

“ACCELERATE” also looks at the more equitable way Arlington now funds stormwater management, complete with green credits for residents taking action on their own property.

Advancing Arlington’s Forestry and Natural Resources

This past December, the County Board adopted the Forestry and Natural Resources Plan (FNRP)—the nation’s first integrated plan that guides the conservation and management of Arlington’s natural resources and ecosystems across public and private property. Critical initiatives like those below, exemplify Arlington's ceaseless environmental commitment.

  • Arlington’s strengthening its focus on forest and trail health through the Deer Management Project, Natural Surface Trails Study, and a Tree Canopy Study which is slated for completion in late summer 2024.
  • The County Board also approved a change to the County Code granting a broader allowance of managed landscape area on private property.
  • Volunteers remain crucial to the sustainability of Arlington's forestry and natural resources. This collaboration is seen through the year-round programming and volunteer opportunities at Gulf Branch and Long Branch nature centers.

Important Operational Essentials

Although easy to take for granted, the environmental benefits of County services like street sweeping, leaf collection, yard waste, food scrap composting, mulch, curbside and drop-off recycling, and hazardous materials disposal offer strong proof of Arlington’s long-established commitment to a healthier Northern Virginia and beyond.

Join Earth-Friendly Events

Even if you need an annual April reminder, there’s plenty to explore among Arlington’s earth-friendly offerings and services year-round. Just a small sample of events that are coming up soon:


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