County Board Adopts $3.9 Billion 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan

Published on July 20, 2022

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The Arlington County Board has unanimously approved a $3.9 billion ten-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) that focuses on stormwater management and flood response, climate and environmental programs, parks, transportation, and community infrastructure over the next decade.

This is a return to the first ten-year capital plan since FY 2019.  It follows a series of short-term CIPs adopted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The County is highly encouraged by this return to a traditional ten-year plan.  “While COVID remains a reality in our community, my colleagues and I feel that this CIP reflects the needs and priorities of Arlington beyond the pandemic,” stated County Board Chair Katie Cristol.

The adopted CIP has several primary themes:

  • Resilience & Root Cause: Addressing the environment and resiliency through stormwater management and flood mitigation, introducing a new parks program for natural resiliency, and investing in various other energy efficiency projects such as electric vehicle charging infrastructure and renewable energy assessments and installations to help reduce the County’s carbon footprint.


  • Innovating: Responding to emerging service demands to include new park programs to address the growing need for dedicated pickleball courts, a new fire station on the west end of Columbia Pike, and facilities consolidation and improvements to respond to changing office space needs due to remote work.


  • Following through on commitments from prior plans including Columbia Pike transportation investments, debt service obligations for the generational investment in housing at Barcroft, Lubber Run Community Center, Fire Station 8, and Long Bridge Aquatics Center.


  • Maintaining a state of good repair for building infrastructures such as the replacement of HVAC systems, roofs, and windows.  Major investment in technology to replace/enhance enterprise systems such as our financial and human resource system, our revenue collection system, laptops, desktops, and records management. Major investments in technology to replace/enhance enterprise systems such as our financial and human resource system, our revenue collection system, laptops, desktops, and records management


  • Funding for long-awaited park and field improvements at Gateway Park in Rosslyn, the Arlington Boathouse, and new synthetic turf fields at Kenmore Middle School.  In addition, investments in three new parks in Crystal City include Metro Market Square, Center Park, and 23rd Street Plaza Parks.


  • Planning for future investments such as the North Quincy site, Virginia Highlands, and planning future fire station locations.


  • Investing in key transportation projects such as the Army Navy Country Club Trail, bridge replacements and renovations, Vision Zero street safety improvements, construction of new entrances to Metrorail stations in Arlington, and investments in the Transitway Extension to Pentagon City.  Meeting the County’s regional obligations, such as Metro.


  • Returning to previous funding levels for the Arlington Neighborhoods Program in the out-years of the CIP.


Adopted 2022 Bond Referenda

The Board unanimously approved six-year bond referenda totaling $510.5 million to be put before Arlington voters on the November ballot. This includes $345.5 million for general government, utilities, and stormwater projects adopted by the County Board, and $165.0 million for projects in the School Board’s Adopted Capital Improvement Plan.  The referenda include:

     Community Infrastructure ($53.3 million)

  • To continue investing in enhancements to Arlington neighborhoods and to improve and renovate public facilities.


    Local parks and Recreation ($22.5 million)

  • To address emerging uses and natural resiliency, invest in planned parks and public spaces as well as conduct improvements, replacements, and upgrades.


    Metro and Transportation ($52.6 million)

  • To fund the County’s capital contributions to Metro, and for multiple public transit and alternative transportation projects such as paving and bridge replacements.


    Utilities ($177.4 million)

  • Invests in major upgrades to the County’s water pollution control plant as well as other water, sewer, and wastewater infrastructure.


    Stormwater & Flood Response ($39.8 million)

  • To increase capacity for stormwater management and flood mitigation infrastructure.


Arlington Public Schools (APS) is also seeking voter approval on its proposed $165.0 million in new bonds that would result in supporting school maintenance as well as ongoing and new projects, including the construction of a new Career Center and renovations for the Montessori School.  This is the second largest referendum ever undertaken by the County Board, further demonstrating their commitment to Arlington Public Schools.

Development of the CIP included input from more than 2,400 residents, including Boards and Commissions.  Public hearings were held as well as several work sessions.  To learn more about the Capital Improvement Plan and Bond Referenda, visit the County website.


Adopted FY 2023-2032 CIP Infographic.png(PNG, 942KB)


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