Residents Asked to Nominate Streets for Neighborhood Complete Streets

Published on May 04, 2017

Arlington's Neighborhood Complete Streets Program is asking residents to nominate neighborhood streets they believe could be made safer and more comfortable for all users for potential improvement projects. If you know a neighborhood street that is missing a section of sidewalk, needs an accessible curb ramp or better street lighting, consider nominating it. The County is accepting submissions through Friday, June 16.

This first call for applications will fund a small number of residential (non-arterial) street projects. Applicants are encouraged to be as specific as possible in describing the location and nature of the problem. You can submit images with your nomination.

Learn more and submit your application here. Nominations are accepted from individuals, homeowner associations, civic organizations or County staff.

Complete Streets are designed and operated to allow safe and comfortable access for all. The infrastructure of a Complete Street accommodates people who walk, bike, drive or use transit.

The County Board established the Neighborhood Complete Streets Program in January 2016. It is meant to complement the work of the Complete Streets Program on non-commercial arterial streets and the Neighborhood Conservation Program, which provides funding to neighborhoods with Neighborhood Conservation Plans for a variety of improvements. Arlington's Master Transportation Plan (MTP) established the development of a countywide network of Complete Streets as one of its primary goals — and the County is working to achieve that goal.