Redesign Coming to Clarendon Circle

Published on February 06, 2017

The redesign of Clarendon Circle - to make it more accessible and safe for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists traveling through the intersection of Wilson and Clarendon boulevards and Washington Boulevard - is taking important steps forward.

Clarendon Circle's width and skewed alignment of its roadways make it hard to travel across safely. The intersection is further complicated by North Irving Street entering the area in two offset locations. To make the necessary improvements, the County needed to acquire permanent and temporary easements in the area.

Last month the Arlington County Board approved acquisition of temporary and permanent easements on a piece of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington's property along Washington Boulevard to be used for public sidewalk, curb, gutter, utilities and drainage improvements, at a cost of $25,000. More easements, from four other properties, are expected to be finalized over the next few months. Design analysis for the intersection has already been completed.

Redesign of the circle is recommended and supported in the Master Transportation Plan (MTP) and in the Clarendon Sector Plan. County staff shared design plans via an online survey, and received many comments from the Clarendon Alliance, the Transportation Commission, area civic associations and community members.

Project work will include:

  • Reducing intersection size

  • Shortening pedestrian crossing distances and widening sidewalks

  • Better aligning Washington and Wilson Boulevards

  • Upgrading traffic signals

  • Improving area lighting and Installing new "Carlyle' streetlights

  • Widening center medians at all crossings

  • Adding on-street bike lanes and improving bike routes

  • Planting street trees

The engineering design phase will wrap up in the next few months; we expect to begin construction in summer 2018. It will take about a year to complete. For more information and for future updates, please visit the project page.