Community Readiness: Looking for Volunteers

Published on April 07, 2017

For Arlington resident Allison Van Lare, volunteering for the County's emergency readiness corps was a no-brainer.

"It is something I really believe in," Van Lare said, "neighbors helping neighbors."

[caption id="attachment_11720" align="alignright" width="300"] ANChoR volunteers in the community.[/caption]

Van Lare has nearly completed her training with the Arlington Network for Community Readiness, ANChoR. Run by the County's Office of Emergency Management (OEM), the volunteer program trains Arlington residents to help with critical disaster preparations and support OEM when serious events occur.

Training, Van Lare said, took just a few hours and included a session on family preparedness for any kind of emergency. "We all want to make sure our families are protected," Van Lare said. "From there, the leap to helping prepare our friends and our neighbors is minimal."

During an emergency, ANChoR volunteers may help staff the County's Emergency Operations Center and act as communications liaisons for duty officers. They may be called to help out in neighborhoods, perhaps shoveling out a senior's driveway after a snowstorm so critical services can get through. They might serve in shelters or family assistance centers — or even help coordinate other volunteers during a large-scale emergency.

Once trained, ANChoR volunteers help educate new volunteers, and spread the word about preparedness.

Volunteers can serve as much or as little as their time permits. There's even a standby list for those who wish to be available just for emergencies.

Register today to make an immediate difference and to be ready when the need is urgent.

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