Board Awards Contracts to Improve Arlington Blvd. Intersection Safety

Published on May 20, 2017

  • Williamsburg Blvd. Green Streets Project to reduce runoff

  • Improving Arlington Blvd. - Irving Street intersection access, safety

The Arlington County Board today approved contracts to improve intersection access and safety on Arlington Boulevard at Irving Street and to reduce and filter stormwater runoff on Williamsburg Boulevard.

Building a better intersection

The County Board voted 5 to 0 as part of the consent agenda to approve an $839,000 construction contract with A&M Concrete Corporation to complete safety improvements at the intersection of Arlington Boulevard and Irving Street, part of the Highway Safety Improvements Program (HSIP).

"This is a busy intersection where people are traveling in many different ways — driving, walking, cycling and taking transit," said Arlington County Board Chair Jay Fisette. "This important project will make it much safer for anyone — regardless of how they are traveling — to get through the intersection."

This project is in keeping with the County's commitment to create communities that are safer for all forms of transportation. Accessible curb ramps and sidewalks will be added to each corner of the intersection, making it safer for pedestrians and transit riders. The traffic signal will be upgraded and new bus stops installed. Ten-foot wide ramps will be installed on the south side of the intersection, improving the connection to the shared-use Arlington Boulevard Trail.

Project ideas were shared with surrounding communities during the design phase. The design also has been presented to the County's bicycle and pedestrian advisory committees.

The project is included in Arlington's Fiscal Year 2017- 2026 Adopted Capital Improvement Plan and is funded through federal and regional sources and by local commercial real estate tax revenues dedicated to transportation projects.

Learn more about the project. Read the staff report on the County website; scroll to Item No. 23 on the agenda.

Williamsburg Boulevard green streets

The Board voted 5 to 0 as part of the consent agenda to approve a $1.48 million contract with Sagres Construction for the construction of new green streets within the medians of Williamsburg Boulevard from 33rd Road North to 35th Street North and from North Harrison Street to North Kensington Street.

"Arlington's Green Streets program cuts the volume of stormwater and stormwater pollutants that flows into our streams, the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay," Fisette said. "This Williamsburg Boulevard project is just one of many such projects across the County that are helping us meet federal requirements to reduce pollution of the Chesapeake Bay and create a more sustainable community."

Read the staff report on the County website; scroll to Item No. 22 on the agenda.

About greens streets

A green street has a planted area in the public right of way that reduces the volume of stormwater runoff and pollutants that enter our local streams, Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay. Stormwater runoff is collected in a planted area — also known as a bioretention area — then filtered through the layers of soil and plants. Green streets are an important tool to address environmental and regulatory stormwater needs.

The County has combined two green street projects on Williamsburg Boulevard to facilitate procurement and construction, and limit disruption to residents and commuters who use this arterial road.

Construction between 33rd Road North and 35th Street North will add bioretention areas, a new median curb, new canopy trees in three median sections and will require new asphalt paving. Construction between North Harrison Street and North Kensington Street will complement recent Neighborhood Conservation Program improvements, adding four biorentention areas to the newly reconfigured median. Together, both projects will manage stormwater runoff from 2.2 impervious acres in the Little Pimmit Run watershed.  The project is funded through the County's Stormwater Fund.