Woodlawn Park Renovations Approved

Published on June 18, 2016

  • Board approves contract

  • New playgrounds, trails planned

  • Enhancing environmental sustainability  

The Arlington County Board today approved a $616,000 contract (including $56,000 contingency) to improve Woodlawn Park by replacing the playground equipment, updating the trails and better protecting Lubber Run stream. The heavily used 3.2-acre park is a favorite spot for families to hike, picnic and play.

"This renovation will both update a beloved outdoor space for our residents to enjoy, while making us better stewards of our natural world," Arlington County Board Chair Libby Garvey said. "When this project is finished, Woodlawn Park will be more accessible to all, more fun, and more environmentally sustainable."

Neighborhood Conservation project

Woodlawn Park's renovation is a Waycroft Woodlawn Civic Association Neighborhood Conservation project that the County first funded in 2014. In May 2014, the County launched a five-year effort to mitigate the park's sensitive floodplain and Resource Protection Area. With the help of a U.S. Department of Forestry grant, invasive plant species were removed and 180 seedlings were planted to create a buffer along Lubber Run Stream.

New play areas moved upstream and designed for family fun

The Board-approved contract will pay to relocate play equipment further from the edge of the stream without affecting existing trees. New play equipment, with accessible playground surfacing, will accommodate both younger (2-5 years-old) and older (5-12 years-old) children

The County received the community's views on the play equipment through an online forum and several meetings, and the Waycroft Woodlawn Civic Association approved the final plan. Kid-friendly features include swings, sand areas, a merry-go-round and a play house that will be flanked by picnic tables and benches.

Other project features, budget and funding

Older trails within the park will be replaced with accessible trails, and new connecting trails will be added. The project also includes site clearing, drainage, in-ground solar path lighting and a water fountain, as well as continued reforestation and invasive plant removal. The construction phase of the project, to include the playgrounds and trails, is scheduled for completion by spring 2017.

The Board voted unanimously as part of the consent agenda to award the project in the amount of $559,996.31 to Bennett Group, the lowest responsive and responsible bidder in the competitive bidding process. The Board also approved an allocation of $56,000 as a contingency for change orders, for a total contract authorization of $615,996.312.

The overall project budget approved by the Arlington County Board for the Woodlawn Park Playground and Trail project is $795,000. The total budget includes soft costs for design and project management. The NC program will fund the project from the Neighborhood Conservation Bond (316.437405.N549.CA0.0000).

To read the staff report on this project, visit the County website. Scroll down to Item #22 on the Regular Agenda for the June 2016 Board Meeting.