MEDIA ALERT: (Video) Arlington County Board Reacts to Presidential

Published on November 09, 2016

Arlington County Board Members today reaffirmed Arlington's commitment to inclusion and to protecting residents and the County's diversity in the wake of the Nov.8 presidential election results. View video of the remarks:

"There is much uncertainty today for Arlington County," Board Member Katie Cristol said. "We are left with more questions than answers about potential impacts to our collective future….for some members of our community, uncertainty is tinged with fear. It is colored with a particular worry about their own safety and those of their family members."

Speaking at the Board's Recessed November Meeting, Cristol said she reaffirmed "my commitment to the safety of our immigrant neighbors, emphasizing, as this Board did earlier in 2016, that all residents and visitors of Arlington County have the right to public safety protection; that it is our long-standing policy that Arlington County law enforcement has not and will not monitor, detain, interview, or investigate a person solely for the purpose of determining their immigration status; that the services we provide…are not restricted based on immigration status."

View video of Cristol, Board Chair Libby Garvey, Vice Chair Jay Fisette and Members John Vihstadt and Christian Dorsey delivering their remarks.the Board members delivering their remarks.

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