County Board Creates Strategic Priorities Blue Ribbon Panel (Updated

Published on April 19, 2016

(UPDATE: 05-19-16 -- The Arlington County Board on May 17, 2016 voted unanimously to defer implementation of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Strategic Priorities for Arlington, as well as the appointment of any members, to the July 2016 County Board meeting, to allow for the appropriate time to seek feedback and receive input from advisory commissions, the Civic Federation, the Community Facility Study Committee, and the broader community on the proposed charge. To view the Board discussion on this motion, visit the County website. The discussion begins at 34:10.)


  • Recommending community engagement process to prioritize goals, objectives

  • Recommending process or framework to review policy areas that should be reconsidered

  • Panel to report to County Board in December

The Arlington County Board today voted to create a six-member Blue Ribbon Panel and charged it with developing recommendations for how the Board should develop strategic priorities.

The panel's charge calls for it to consider the goals and objectives in the County's Comprehensive Plan and enhancements to those goals and objectives. The panel also is charged with recommending a process or framework to review any policy areas it recommends should be reconsidered, and with suggesting a process for engaging the community in developing a strategic plan.

Board Chair Libby Garvey will be the Board's liaison to the panel.

"The Comprehensive Plan, and its 11 elements do a good job of laying out various goals and objectives," Garvey said. "But our community needs to go a step further and establish priorities among those goals and objectives and understand how they fit together or relate to each other. The Blue Ribbon Panel we created today will, by the end of this year, recommend how we might do that."

The Board voted 5 to 0 to create a six-member Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel, composed of five members chosen by the County Board and one by the County Manager. The group will work with a staff team formed by the County Manager. Members of the panel will be named in the coming weeks.

To read the full charge for the panel, visit the County website.