Arlington County Board Sets Jan. 3 2017 Organizational Meeting

Published on November 09, 2016

  • Will finalize 2017 meeting schedule Jan. 3

  • Chair cites desire to let staff spend New Year's holiday with family

  • 2017 Chair, Vice Chair to be named Jan. 3

The Arlington County Board today adopted a preliminary meeting schedule for 2017 that includes holding its 2017 Organizational Meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 3, the first business day of 2017.  Because New Year's Day falls on Sunday in 2017, Monday, Jan. 2 is a federal holiday.

The decision changes a long-standing Board tradition of starting its work on New Year's Day or, when New Year's Day falls on a Sunday, on Monday, Jan. 2.

"We can try it this year and see what everyone thinks," Arlington County Board Chair Libby Garvey said. "Holding the meeting on New Year's Day (or in this case, the day after) requires several staff members to work on a rare holiday, instead of being with their families and friends," Garvey said. "By holding the meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 3, we still will start our year off with the community, but without forcing employees to give up their personal and family time on a holiday. I suspect there are community members who also would prefer to attend our meeting on the first work day rather than a holiday."

The Board voted unanimously to hold its Organizational Meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 3.

The Board adopted a tentative schedule for 2017 that includes 11 Regular Meetings, one held each month on a Saturday, excluding the summer recess in August, and 11 corresponding Recessed Meetings, general held on a Tuesday evening within a week or two of the initial Regular Meeting.

The schedule also includes the Organizational Meeting, a Budget Hearing and a Tax Hearing.

Under state law, the Board is required to adopt a calendar year schedule each year at their Organizational Meeting. To read the staff report on the Board's tentative 2017 meeting schedule, visit the County website. Scroll down to Item No. 36 on the agenda for the Saturday, Nov. 5 Regular County Board Meeting.