Peer Specialist Program Takes Place at the Arlington Detention Center

Published on August 19, 2022

Arlington, VA - Sheriff Beth Arthur announces, the Jail-Based Department of Human Services team began to offer the 72-hour DBHDS CPRS training curriculum, to individuals incarcerated in the Arlington County Detention Facility, in August 2021. Although the 72-hour training does not satisfy all requirements to become a CPRS, it greatly reduces the requirements the individual would need to complete in the community, upon release from incarceration. With permission from the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office, the class was approved, and had a successful graduation in November 2021.

Due to the success of the first class, and the requests from the residents to continue with this additional programming, a second class was started in April 2022. Although this class technically was completed in July 2022, they are celebrating their success and progress, on August 19th, 2022.

Many thanks to CPRS Ms. Shawn Buckner, who is currently employed part-time, by the jail-based DHS team for running this class. 

The role of Peer Specialists has increased recently and has become an integral part of Community Services Board treatment services. The process of becoming and maintaining a credential of being a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS) is monitored through the Department of Behavioral Health and Rehabilitative Services (DBHDS). The role of the CPRS, is to offer insight into the recovery process based on their own experience, and to provide unique perspective to those with similar life issues.

Congratulations to the six individuals that received a certificate for completing the Peer Specialist Program!