Police Test and Evaluate New Class A Dress Uniforms

Published on January 15, 2020

UPDATE (July 6, 2020): Following the test and evaluation of multiple uniform colors, the Department selected the navy blue Class A dress uniform. The public can expect to begin seeing officers wearing the Class A uniform beginning July 6, 2020. However, officers may been seen wearing the old heather blue uniform shirt during the transition, until all officers have been issued the new navy blue uniforms.




ARLINGTON, Va. — The Arlington County Police Department has launched a test and evaluation of new Class A dress uniforms. Members of the public can expect to see select officers wearing dress uniforms in navy blue or gray as they evaluate the fabric, fit, function and durability of these garments. All officers participating in the test and evaluation will be easily identifiable as Arlington County Police Officers as the test uniforms will be adorned with the police department's patch, officer's name tag and badge of authority.

The department proposed exploring new uniform options after discovering that unique uniform colors, including our current heather blue shirt and pant stripe, are increasingly difficult to obtain. The new Class A selection is expected to simplify and streamline the distribution of uniforms across the department.

The test and evaluation will occur through March 2020. The department will then review the officer feedback before selecting and implementing a new Class A uniform by the summer.
Changes to Class A Uniform for Officers Participating in Testing and Evaluation

The current Class A shirt in heather blue will be replaced by test shirts in navy blue and gray. The Class A uniform pants will be navy blue in color and the existing stripe will be eliminated.

Officers not participating in the test and evaluation are authorized to wear the current Class A uniform until a new selection is made.

Police Test Uniforms in Navy and Gray
Patrol Uniform to Remain Unchanged

There will be no change to the standard patrol uniform which is navy in color for patrol officers and green in color for K9 officers.

Patrol and K9 Police Uniforms