Help Us Prioritize Our Capital Investments

Published on February 19, 2020

As part of this year's budget season, you're invited to share your input on capital priorities for Arlington County Government. Where should we make investments? Which types of projects top your list? We want to know what you think.

Your input will help guide development of the County Manager's Proposed Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Fiscal Years 2021 - 2030, which will be presented to the Arlington County Board in May.

The CIP is Arlington County's 10-year plan for building, maintaining, upgrading or replacing County facilities, equipment and infrastructure. This includes water, sewer, stormwater, transportation infrastructure, libraries, parks, community centers, technology systems and more. The plan is updated every two years.

"This input period is a critical part of the CIP process—and we want to hear from diverse voices from across Arlington," said County Manager Mark Schwartz. "I am committed to engaging with residents and businesses to build a CIP that meets the needs of our community."

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[caption id="attachment_24539" align="alignright" width="268"]Screenshot of feedback webpage Sample page from the CIP feedback website[/caption]

How to Share Input

Timeline for the CIP

The proposed CIP will be shared with the County Board in May 2020. The Arlington County Board will conduct work sessions on the CIP through June and hold a public hearing on June 30. The Board will adopt the FY2021-FY2030 CIP in July.

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You can learn more about the CIP, review the process and view past CIP documents on the County website.
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