County Board Defers April Agenda Items

Published on April 18, 2020

The Arlington County Board today voted to defer all items on its April 18 Board Meeting Agenda for a week, until after the General Assembly's April 22 reconvened session, where state lawmakers will consider Budget bill amendments proposed by Governor Northam including an item that would clarify and confirm the authority of public bodies in Virginia to meet virtually during emergency declarations.

"The County Board finds that it has a responsibility to demonstrate to the public, through the Board's conduct, the importance of maintaining proper physical distance from others and to avoid gathering in public where the risks of infection are highest, and to take measures that promote physical distancing in order to protect the public health and mitigate the impacts and spread of COVID-19, including, among others, conducting meetings electronically whenever possible," the Board said in the resolution it approved to defer the Regular Meeting to Saturday, April 25, with the Recessed Meeting to follow on Tuesday, April 28. "The County Board finds that the Governor's proposed amendments are a helpful clarification and confirmation of the authority the County Board and other public bodies have to transact business during the COVID-19 emergency and that deferring action on the matters on April 18, 2020, agenda until after the General Assembly's action when this authority is confirmed in a protects the interests of the County Board and those who have an interest in the agenda items to be considered by the Board."

The Board voted 4-0 to approve the Resolution and recess the April 18 meeting until April 25, 2020.

The Board will conduct the April Meeting virtually, with no in-person public comment. Procedures for virtual public comment will be posted on the County Board website the week of April 20. The public can email comments on the agenda items to the Board at until the day before each meeting.

To read the agenda and the staff reports for the April Meeting, visit the County Board website.