Census 2020: Arlington Students Count!

Published on March 05, 2020


Students in Arlington Public Schools are learning about the Census and getting ready to be counted! These first graders do a great job explaining why it's important for kids to be counted in the 2020 Census!   

"An accurate count of all children is so important for our community to ensure that kids have the resources they need for education and services for the next 10 years," says School Board Member Dr. Barbara Kanninen, Co-Chair of the Arlington County Complete Count Committee.  "I think the kids in the video say it best! They are ready to be counted - are you?!"

Why Is It Important to Count Children?

A newborn or toddler counted in the 2020 Census will be finishing elementary school in time for the 2030 Census. An accurate census count is critical to ensure that the appropriate amount of federal funding is allocated to communities for the next 10 years. Federal funds support services that benefit Arlington's children, such as Head Start, special education, after-school programs, school lunch assistance, children's health insurance, child care, and housing support. 

Here are Census Bureau guidelines for counting children:

  • Count them in the home where they live and sleep most of the time, even if their parents do not live there. 

  • If a child splits time between two homes, count them where they stay most often. If their time is evenly divided, or you don't know, count them where they are staying on April 1, 2020. 

  • If a child moves during March or April 2020, count them at the address where they are living on April 1, 2020. 

  • Count children who do not have a permanent place to live and are staying with you on April 1, 2020, even if they are only staying temporarily. 

  • Count newborns at the home where they will live and sleep most of the time, even if they are still in the hospital on April 1, 2020. 

Census Pop Ups — Kids Welcome!

Beginning in mid-March, Arlington households will begin receiving invitations to respond to the 2020 Census. Need help? Starting March 18, Arlington is offering some kid-friendly opportunities to take the Census. Check the schedule and join us at a  Census Pop Up or Station featuring snacks and coloring, language assistance and access to secure online computers. 


APRIL 1, 2020 IS CENSUS DAY! ThU.S. Census counts every resident in the nation, including right here in Arlington County. As mandated by the U.S. Constitution, America gets just one chance each decade to count its population. The collected data help to determine things like the number of seats Virginia has in the House of Representatives, and how to distribute federal funds to local communities like ours.