CLARIFICATION: Democratic Primary for County Board Canceled

Published on May 05, 2020

Clarification: Voters will be able to vote in the Republican Primary by mail or in person, either early or on primary election day.

The Democratic Primary for County Board, originally scheduled for June 9, 2020 and subsequently delayed until June 23, 2020, will not be held.

The Arlington Office of Voter Registration & Elections received a Candidate Withdrawal Form from Chanda Choun. This leaves only one candidate with an active declaration of candidacy.

State law prescribes that when "there is only one declaration of candidacy in a political party for the nomination for any office, the person filing the declaration shall be declared the nominee of the party for the office for which he has announced his candidacy."

Accordingly, Libby T. Garvey is the Democratic nominee for County Board in the General Election to be held on November 3, 2020.

Voters who have requested mail ballots for the Democratic Primary will be mailed notice that the Primary will not be held. Applications for absentee ballots for the Democratic Primary received after May 5, 2020 will be denied.

The Republican Primary for U.S. Senate will still take place on June 23, 2020. All registered voters in Arlington are eligible to vote in this election. Voters who requested mail ballots for the Democratic Primary will need to submit a separate request if they want a mail ballot for the Republican Primary. They can do so online, by email, or mail.


Political parties determine their method of nominating candidates. The Arlington Democrats notified the Arlington Electoral Board that they selected a primary election as their nomination method for County Board in February 2020. In March, the Democrats provided names of two candidates who qualified to appear on the ballot for the Primary.

Only candidates who qualified by March 26, 2020 are able to have their name printed on the ballot. Candidates must meet all qualifications to have their name printed on the ballot. Since one candidate filed a withdrawal notice, they are no longer qualified to have their name printed on the ballot.
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