Arlington Sheriff's Office Announces COVID-19 Test Results

Published on December 18, 2020

In partnership with the Arlington County Public Health Department and the Virginia National Guard, the Arlington County Sheriff's Office tested 196 inmates and 274 deputies, civilians and contractors for COVID-19.

There was only one staff member who tested positive among the 470 people tested. The Sheriff's Office is using the recent infections to remind staff that the consistent and correct use of all the mitigation strategies inside and outside the jail is the way to reduce germ introduction in the jail.

"Since March 2020, the Sheriff's Office implemented a number of operational strategies to ensure the safest practices from how staff meetings are conducted, to how inmate visitation occurs and programming is conducted," said Sheriff Beth Arthur. "In addition, we will continue to work to ensure we keep staff and those remanded to our custody safe and healthy."

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The staff member that tested positive has no symptoms, has quarantined at home and is doing well. The Sheriff's Office will continue to work closely with Public Health to protect the health and safety of the public, staff and those individuals remanded to our custody.
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