Arlington Introduces New Open Data Portal

Published on September 21, 2020

Arlington County today unveiled a new Open Data Portal ( with several benefits and features that make it easier than ever to access and use Arlington data. The new portal, a centerpiece of the County's Open Government Program, builds upon the first open data solution that launched in 2016.

The new one-stop information hub features data from and about Arlington. The portal serves as an important community resource that can be used by residents, businesses and County staff alike to make better informed decisions based on past and current data. The portal also helps ensure transparency by sharing County government data sets with the public and making them easily accessible.

"The new open data portal is a powerful tool that allows the County to securely share its vast repository of information with the public and help foster a trust in government that comes from transparency best practices," said Libby Garvey, Arlington County Board Chair. "I'm pleased that this data is now at the fingertips of Arlington residents and business where it can be put to good use."

New Features

Users of the new portal will experience a single view of all Arlington data that was not possible before, along with improved search capabilities.

Data sets for a range of topics including Public Safety, Parks and Recreation, Parking and Transportation, Public Health, Real Estate, Construction Projects and more can now be easily searched and sorted thanks to quick view icons and improved navigation functionality.

Other user-friendly features include timestamps that show when data was last updated, file sizes and the number of records. The portal also showcases different County projects that were built on open data by adding graphic visualizations.

A new How-To Guide and video tutorial were added to welcome new users and demonstrate how they can get the most out of the information resource. Users are also instructed how to request new data sets that have yet to be published.

Behind the scenes, the portal operates in a purely cloud-based environment for greater scalability, reliability and significant cost savings. The portal's new platform dramatically increases storage to meet Arlington's growing data and the public demand for it. It also makes it easier for County staff to share and manage data sets for better cross-departmental collaboration and strategic decision making.

Open Arlington

Arlington County is committed to the principles of open, accessible, efficient and transparent through its Open Government Program. Arlington offers a suite of tools and resources to help access data and information about the County's programs and services. Learn more about Open Arlington.