Arlington County Board Approves Satellite Offices for Early Voting

Published on August 25, 2020

The Arlington County Board today approved five satellite offices for early voting in the November 3, 2020, presidential election, in anticipation of unprecedented demand for early voting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The November 3 election will take place in circumstances none of us has ever experienced before," County Board Chair Libby Garvey said "We are expecting a large turnout of voters during a pandemic that is still far from controlled. Important concerns have been raised about the Post Office's ability to handle mail-in balloting. It is vital that the County do whatever we can to make voting easy and safe."

The Board voted unanimously to approve an ordinance providing for satellite offices for absentee voting, also known as early voting. View the staff report.County seal

All registered voters are eligible to vote early in the November 3 election.

The Board's action increases by two the number of satellite locations that were available for early voting In the last two presidential elections and is meant to reduce wait times in the last week before the election. Some voters waited as much as 90 minutes to vote at the Ellen M. Bozman Government Center the week before Election Day 2016.

The satellite locations approved by the Board include:

  • 2200 Clarendon Boulevard, Suite R140 (the former Wells Fargo space)

  • Aurora Hills Senior Center, 735 18th S.

  • Langston Brown Community Center, 2121 N. Culpeper St.

  • Madison Community Center, 3829 N. Stafford St.

  • Walter Reed Community Center, 2909 16th S.

Early voting will begin on September 18 at 2200 Clarendon Blvd, Suite R140. The remaining locations will open later in October. Hours of operation for the satellite locations will be posted on the County website by the first week in September.

Visit the County website for more information on voting. If you have requested a mail ballot, you may also check the status of your mail ballot application on the Virginia Department of Elections website. Ballots will be mailed starting September 18.