4 Things to Know Before Tuesday's Primary

Published on March 02, 2020

Tuesday, March 3, Virginians will go to the polls to select the Democratic nominee for the 2020 Presidential Election. 

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Here are 4 things to know if you plan to vote:

  1. Any registered voter can vote

    Virginia is an open primary state—meaning we do not register by political party. Only the Democratic Party will be holding a primary on March 3. The Republican Party of Virginia will select their nominee at a state convention in May.

  2. All regular polling places are open

    Not sure where to vote? Find your polling place online. Scroll down until you see your polling place.

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  3. Polls are open 6 a.m.—7 p.m.

    If you are in line by 7 p.m. you will be allowed to vote.

  4. Don't forget your photo ID

    You must show an acceptable photo ID to vote. Commonly used identifications include, a Virginia driver's license, U.S. passport, and employer IDs. If you do not have an acceptable form of identification, you can have a free one made up through noon on Friday, March 6, at 2100 Clarendon Blvd, Ste 320.

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Learn more about voting in Arlington

If you have questions about elections in Arlington, email voters@arlingtonva.us  or call 703-228-3456.