2020 Election: 4 in 5 Vote by Mail, Drop Box or Early

Published on November 09, 2020

More Arlingtonians voted in last week's general election than voted four years ago—although voter turnout this year fell just short of the 2016 percentage.

In all, 131,518 voters, or about 79 percent of 166,416 registered voters, cast ballots on Nov. 3. In 2016, turnout was 82 percent (122,023 of 148,032 registered voters).

Absentee turnout this year was record-breaking, with more than 108,394 Arlingtonians (65.1% turnout) casting their ballots by mail, drop box, or in person before Election Day.

As anticipated due to the COVID-19 pandemic and expected record turnout, more people than ever before voted by mail in Arlington (48,467, 29% turnout).

With so many Arlingtonians voting before Nov. 3, turnout remained light throughout Election Day, with only 23,124 people voting (14% turnout).

County election officials received no reports of significant technical issues. More than 750 election officers and nearly 100 high school students staffed polling places and the County's Central Absentee Precinct.

Summary of Results

  • Arlington County Board: Incumbent Democrat Libby Garvey won 71.37% of the vote to Independent challenger Audrey R. Clement's 26.84%.

  • Arlington School Board: Cristina I. Diaz-Torres and David Marcus Priddy won the two open seats with 43.09% and 35.73% of the vote, respectively.

  • Bond Referenda: Voters authorized the County to finance up to $145 million in capital investments for Metro and transportation ($29.94 million), local parks and recreation ($3.63 million), community infrastructure ($7.485 million), the stormwater program ($50.84 million), and Arlington Public Schools ($52.65 million).

  • U.S. Congress: 79.37% of Arlington voters cast ballots to re-elect Sen. Mark Warner for U.S. Senate, and 78.95% voted for Rep. Don Beyer to continue to represent Virginia's 8th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

  • President: 80.6% of Arlington voters cast ballots for Democrat Joe Biden, while 17.08% voted for Incumbent Republican Donald Trump.

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