June Recognized as Move Over Awareness Month

Published on June 03, 2019

move-over.png ARLINGTON, Va. — Move Over Awareness Month, recognized each June, is a statewide safety campaign designed to reduce the risk of injury or death to emergency personnel by raising motorist awareness of Virginia's Move Over law. The law requires drivers to either move over a lane or, when unable, to cautiously pass all emergency personnel stopped on the side of a road. The law also applies to emergency response vehicles, highway maintenance vehicles and tow trucks equipped with flashing amber lights.

"As part of our key initiative on transportation safety, Arlington County Police Officers proactively patrol our roadways day and night to ensure the safety of all travelers," said M. Jay Farr, Chief of Police. "Help keep them safe by moving over or slowing down when you approach flashing emergency lights. It's the law and may save someone's life."

WATCH: When you fail to Move Over, you put yourself and others at risk.

Failing to Move Over is a Class I misdemeanor, punishable by no more than 12 months in jail or no more than a $2,500 and the driver's license can be suspended if property damage, injury or death occurs.