Flu Season Is Here — Vaccines Still Available  

Published on January 17, 2019

Flu season is officially underway. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that flu activity is "elevated" as flu viruses circulate nationwide. Arlington healthcare officials are urging residents to take precautions and get vaccinated to help prevent the spread of flu.

Here's what you can do to lower the chances of getting the flu or passing it on to anyone else:

  • Get a flu shot. Vaccination is the best way to protect against the flu. Nearly everyone over 6 months of age is eligible, and the vaccine is often covered by insurance.

o    Find a nearby vaccine provider by typing in your zip code.
o   The nasal spray flu vaccine is also recommended, but is not widely available this season. Talk to your healthcare provider to find out about its availability and whether it is right for you.

  • Practice good hygiene. Wash your hands well and often. Try not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth.

  • Cover coughs and sneezes by using a tissue or the inside of your elbow — not your hands.

If you get sick with the flu:

  • Know the symptoms: Fever, cough, sore throat, runny/stuffy nose, body aches, headache and extreme fatigue.

  • Stay home from work or school when you have flu or flu symptoms.

  • Avoid contact with other people except to get medical care.

  • While most people with flu do not need medical care or antiviral drugs, those with high risk of flu complications, or who are very sick should contact a healthcare provider as early treatment can lessen the severity of symptoms.

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