Arlington County Board October Meeting Agenda Highlights

Published on October 11, 2019

The Arlington County Board will hold its October Regular Meeting on Saturday, Oct.19, starting with public comment at 8:30 a.m. The October Recessed Meeting will begin at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 22, with reports from the Board and the County Manager. Regular hearing items at the Recessed Meeting will be heard no earlier than 6:45 p.m.

County Board Meetings, held in Room 307 of the Ellen M. Bozman Government Center at 2100 Clarendon Blvd., are open to the public. Visit the County website for information on speaking at a County Board Meeting.

Watch it Live

County Board meetings are live-streamed on the County website, and broadcast live on ATV, the County's cable channel, with live captioning. You can watch the Board Meetings on Comcast 25 & 1085 (HD), and Verizon FiOS 39 & 40, or live-streamed on YouTube. Videos of Board meetings are archived on the County website (with captions and staff reports) and on YouTube.

Saturday, Oct. 19 — Regular County Board Meeting

View the agenda and read the staff reports. Highlights include:

Shared Mobility Devices Demonstration Project evaluation: The Board will receive staff's evaluation of the year-long Shared Mobility Device Demonstration Project. The Board also will consider advertising a public hearing at the November 16 County Board Meeting to consider revisions to the County Code to establish a permit program for regulating the use of micro-mobility devices such as e-scooters and power-assisted bicycles. Staff is recommending that the devices be treated like bicycles and be allowed (with limitations) on sidewalks, trails, bike lanes and low-speed streets.County seal

Key findings of the evaluation include that more people are using the devices and there has been "a firmly positive response from riders," that the devices "have potential for community benefits as a safer and more sustainable form of transportation than the car," and are a viable complement to the County's transportation options. Staff also found that there are disparities in deployment between north and south Arlington, and proposed that the Board include equity considerations in the permitting process. Staff highlighted a need for clearer communication of rules and regulations, and said that  any permanent program should address safety concerns and parking impacts. To read the staff report, scroll to Item No. 42 on the agenda.

Proposed Crystal City apartment building: The Board will consider a plan to build a 19-story, 306-unit apartment building at 400 11th St. S in Crystal City, above 11,428 square feet of retail and an underground parking garage.

The Board will consider developer LCOR's request to rezone the parcel and approve an amendment to an existing site plan. The site is bounded by 11th Street South to the north, an alley to the east adjacent to the Lenox Club apartments, 12th Street South to the south and portions of Old South Eads Street right of way and the "Teardrop Parcel" to the west. The project is known as the "Verizon Site."

The developer proposes providing community benefits that include 12 units of on-site housing committed to remain affordable for 30 years; a $1 million contribution to the County's Affordable Housing Investment Fund, and $1.43 million for the planning and design of a new park at S. Eads Street and Army Navy Drive North and South Parcels. To read the staff report, scroll to Item No. 41 on the agenda.

Tuesday, Oct. 22 -- Recessed Meeting

View the agenda and read the staff reports for this meeting.

3 p.m. — Board and County Manager reports, awards and recognitions

No earlier than 6:30 p.m. the Board will hold a public hearing on any item pulled from the Saturday Consent Agenda.

No earlier than 6:45 p.m. the Board will hold Regular Public Hearings, including:

Fire Station No. 8 contract, conceptual design: The Board will consider endorsing the design for a new Fire Station No. 8 and approving a $16.1 million contract with MCN Build Inc., to build both the permanent fire station and an on-site temporary facility to serve the community while the permanent fire station is under construction. The contract amount includes a 15 percent contingency.

The County extensively engaged with the community about the future of the historic fire station, located at 4845 Lee Highway before deciding to demolish it and rebuild it where it has stood for decades. The Board will be considering a Construction Manager at Risk contract, meant to better control costs by allowing early and continuous building input on costs, schedule, value and quality.

If the Board approves the contract, the old single-story fire station will be replaced with a three-story fire station with four drive-through apparatus bays; gender-neutral staff accommodations; adequate space to address best practices for fire fighter health and safety; a new fuel island and 12 staff parking places.

Various design features will honor Fire Station No. 8's history. The building will achieve at least LEED Silver Certification for energy efficiency. The project will be funded through General Obligation bonds approved by voters in 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2019. To read the staff report, scroll to Item No. 44 on the agenda.

For information on speaking at a County Board Meeting, visit the County website.