Watch as a 'Yarn Bomb' Transforms Clarendon

Published on April 25, 2018

Spring in Arlington brings with it the blooming of Eastern redbud trees, tulip bulbs at the Netherlands Carillon, and ... yarn? That's now the case in Clarendon Central Park, where more than 30 trees have been decorated to create a colorful art exhibit known as a "yarn bomb."

The yarn bomb, a type of graffiti or street art of knitted or crocheted yarn (as opposed to paint or chalk), was installed by Stitch 4-Stage IV, a group that uses these displays to help raise awareness of Metastatic (Stage IV) Breast Cancer.  About 1-in-3 people diagnosed with breast cancer will develop Metastatic Breast Cancer. Money raised goes to The Karen Ribeiro Drug Discovery Cancer Research Fund, which supports development of targeted anti-cancer agents for patients living with advanced (metastatic) disease.

The trees were decorated with over 300 hand-knit donations from across the United States and the United Kingdom — they were then sewn together to complete this one of a kind yarn bomb.  Originally the exhibit was scheduled to remain on display until April 30, but the public response has been so overwhelming, the Department of Parks and Recreation has approved an extension into May.