Renovating, Expanding Market Common Block

Published on January 30, 2018

  • Widening Wilson Blvd. sidewalk at intersection with Edgewood St.

  • Preserving A&R Engravers building

  • Adding fourth floor to Clarendon Education Center building

The Arlington County Board today approved Clarendon Regency, IV, LLC's plan for a major renovation and expansion of a commercial-retail block in the heart of Clarendon, while preserving the A&R Engravers building and widening the Wilson Boulevard sidewalk at the Edgewood Street intersection.

The site, known as Market Common Phase 2, is bounded by Wilson Boulevard to the north, N. Edgewood Street to the east, Clarendon Boulevard to the south and N. Fillmore Street to the west.

"The transformation of an entire block in Clarendon's core will make one of Arlington's liveliest urban villages even more vibrant," Arlington County Board Chair Katie Cristol said. "The plan calls for preserving an historic building, widening a portion of the Wilson Boulevard sidewalk and improving the streetscape. When it is finished, it will offer an attractive and inviting mix of offices, retail and public spaces."

The Board voted 5 to 0 to approve a rezoning of the IOTA and A & R Engravers Building parcels from "C-2" to "C-O-1.5"  and to amend the existing site plan for the adjacent office building and incorporate the IOTA and Engravers Building parcels into it. To read the Board report, including the specific provisions of the site plan amendment, visit the County website. Scroll to item No. 37 on the agenda for the Tuesday, January 30, 2018 Recessed County Board Meeting.

Building expansion with retail focus

[caption id="attachment_14891" align="alignright" width="300"]rendering of Clarendon building. Rendering of approved Market Common Phase II renovation.[/caption]

Under the approved plan, the vacant office building formally known as the Education Center will be renovated and expanded across the IOTA and Engravers Building properties. A fourth floor with outdoor terraces will be added to the Education Center building, which will have retail space on the ground floor and basement levels, and office space on the upper floors.

A ground level arcade will be created along N. Edgewood Street for outdoor seating. The Engravers Building at 2836 Wilson Blvd., built in 1941 and designated an "Essential" commercial building resource in the County's Historic Resources Inventory, will be almost completely preserved.

Along the south edge of Wilson Boulevard, the streetscape will be redesigned to widen the sidewalk significantly, from as little as 2.8 feet at its narrowest point now, to about 6.5 feet, by moving street trees to bump-outs in the parking lane.

The renovation and expansion will add 27,495 square feet to the site's current 138,751 square feet of density. Staff found that the rezoning is supported by the County's General Land Use Plan and the Clarendon Sector Plan, and that the site plan amendment is consistent with the Zoning Ordinance provisions.

Sustainable design

The applicant proposed to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold level certification under the Green Building Density Incentive Program. This program, administered by the County, is a point-based system for green building practices in the areas of site and stormwater protection, energy efficiency, resource efficient design, sustainable and durable building materials, indoor air quality, water efficiency, and waste reduction.

Public engagement

The project was reviewed by the Site Plan Review Committee at three meetings, with the participation of the Clarendon-Courthouse Civic Association, Lyon Village Citizens Association, Clarendon Park Homeowners Association and the Civic Federation. It also was reviewed by the Historic Affairs and Landmark Review Board, the Transportation Commission and the Planning Commission.