County Manager Announces Scope and Charge for Plan Lee Highway Proces

Published on September 26, 2018


  • Open Application: Residents interested in applying for at-large positions on the Community Forum are encouraged to submit an application by October 31

  • Layered community engagement approach outlined for multi-year process

  • Planning process to kick-off in late 2018 or early 2019, pending contract finalization

The County Manager shared with the County Board on Sept. 25 the final scope and charge for the Plan Lee Highway process, which is anticipated to kick-off in late 2018 or early 2019. The purpose of the upcoming study is to develop a comprehensive vision and policy framework for the future of this important corridor and its surrounding areas.

Given the character of Lee Highway and limited planning to date, there is a mounting desire within the community to improve the corridor and consider how future development can transform the character in a positive, rather than reactive, manner.

Plan Lee Highway Timeline

The County has designed a multi-layered engagement approach that will include broad participation and many opportunities for input from residents, businesses, community groups and stakeholders.

MORE: Read the complete study scope and charge

County seeks applicants for Community Forum

The County is accepting applications from interested candidates to serve as at-large representatives on the Plan Lee Highway Community Forum.  The Community Forum will be a team of 40-50 community members that includes at-large members, as well as representatives from the Lee Highway Alliance, the 14 civic associations adjacent to the Lee Highway corridor, County commissions, properties and businesses, and condo and renters associations. The at-large positions are intended to bring community perspectives not already provided by the other groups represented.

The Community Forum will meet at regular milestones to provide feedback on the proposed vision, goals, objectives, analyses, recommendations and implementation tools and serve as liaisons to facilitate broader community engagement. An 8- to 10-member subset Working Group will convene at periodic check-ins between milestones to serve as a sounding board for staff. Beyond these groups, there will be additional opportunities for the public to participate, including focus group meetings, broader community meetings, events and online engagements.

To learn more and apply, view and complete an online application by October 31, 2018.