Apply to Become StormwaterWise in 2018

Published on February 14, 2018

When it rains, it pours. And when it pours, not all the rainfall is able to soak into the ground — that's known as stormwater. Instead, it flows over land into Arlington's network of storm drain pipes, where it's released — untreated — into our streams, carrying with it fertilizer, oil, bacteria, and sediment.

Fortunately, the StormwaterWise Landscapes Program is here to help.

The StormwaterWise Landscapes program, part of the Department of Environmental Services, provides funding for projects to reduce stormwater runoff. Through matching grants for Arlington property owners, we can keep pollutants out of our streams with the installation of four types of projects: pavement removal, pervious driveways and patios, rain gardens, or conservation landscaping.

Applications for the StormwaterWise Landscapes program will be accepted from February 15 — March 30, 2018. Single family homeowners, businesses, churches, and HOAs are all eligible to apply. Potential applicants should visit the StormwaterWise Landscapes page to learn more about the program and to submit their application.

Through a lottery system, a total of 40 residential applicants and 10 HOAs/businesses will be selected for this program year. Commercial, religious and institutional properties, and properties managed through a home owners association (HOA), should apply through the HOA program. County staff will conduct stormwater assessments of each program participant's property. Following the assessment, participants will receive a written report containing a list of site-specific recommendations for reducing stormwater runoff. The StormwaterWise Landscapes Program is made possible through a partnership between the County and Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment (ACE).