Teens Supporting Teens, Enriching Arlington

Published on May 02, 2017

Arlington's Teen Network Board brings high school students from across the County together to offer the teen perspective on a variety of community and school issues.

And applications for new members are being accepted now.

[caption id="attachment_11841" align="alignright" width="300"] Jessie, left, and Simer are dedicated Teen Network Board members from Washington-Lee High School.[/caption]

"I like the TNB because I like to make an impact in my community, especially as a teen, because our opinions are sometimes overlooked," said board member Joselyn, a 10th grader serving for the first time.

Sponsored by the Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth and Families, this youth-led organization meets during the academic year to address issues such as substance use prevention and peer-to-peer relationships, and acts as an information hub for teen volunteer and leadership opportunities.

Getting involved with the board, said 11th-grader Blen means "I am aware of new opportunities I am not exposed to at school."

Members are appointed by Arlington's County Board and School Board.

Board members develop and implement strategies to make positive changes in the community through planning sessions, presentations to County leaders and working with their peers.

Through the Myth Busters project, TNB members visit County middle schools to answer questions, concerns and discuss the excitement of transitioning from eighth grade to high school.