Oakgrove and Tyrol Hills Parks Improvements Coming

Published on April 25, 2017

  • Oakgrove Park playgrounds and picnic shelter to be updated

  • Adding restroom/pavilion to Tyrol Hills Park

  • Futsal court — sought by community — to be added to Tyrol Hills Park

The Arlington County Board today approved contracts to upgrade the playgrounds and picnic shelter at Oakgrove Park and add a restroom/picnic pavilion and futsal court at Tyrol Hills Park.

"Arlington's extensive parks and playgrounds, spread widely throughout the county, are essential to our quality of life," said County Board Chair Jay Fisette. "These new park improvements will benefit generations of kids and their parents.  Working closely with those who use the parks, we were able to develop unique features that reflect the community's interests and vision."

Oakgrove Park

The Board voted 5 to 0 to approve a $620,404 contract, (including $56,400 contingency), with Playground Specialists, Inc. to replace the existing tot lot and picnic shelter and add play equipment for kids 5-12 years old. The project also will improve accessibility for persons with disabilities, improve stormwater management, and add furnishings and landscaping at the 3.4-acre park, located at 1606 North Quincy Street. Funding is available from a voter-approved Neighborhood Conservation Bond.

Cherrydale Civic Association requested the improvements in the fall 2014 Neighborhood Conservation funding round. Oakgrove Park is heavily used by residents across the County for active as well as passive recreation. Through a community process, which included meetings with both children and adults, new playground equipment was chosen for both the tot lot and the new play area for school-age children. In addition to many new trees, bioretention will be installed to manage stormwater.

Construction is expected to last about four months. To read the staff report on this item, view the agenda for the April 22, 2017 Regular County Board Meeting.  Scroll down to item No. 23.

Tyrol Hills Park

The Board's action followed its 5 to 0 vote on Saturday, April 22 to approve a $1.1 million contract, to Bennett Group, Inc. to build a restroom/picnic pavilion and futsal court at Tyrol Hills Park, located at 5101 7th Road South.

The project also will include site clearing; earthwork; drainage; underground stormwater management; concrete and asphalt work; permeable pavers, and site furnishing. Structures will be made accessible for persons with disabilities.

Tyrol Hills is a heavily used 3.36-acre park bordered on the south by 7th Road South and by Glencarlyn Park to the north. It has jogging and walking trails, nature trails leading to Glencarlyn Park, a lighted basketball court, playground and picnic shelter.

Community outreach

The County reached out to the community for comments on the project through an on-line survey. Staff also placed an idea board/kiosk at the park, distributed information on the project and related public meetings door-to-door, and made two community presentations. The new futsal court, which will replace the existing sand volleyball court, was identified as a need through the community outreach effort.

The approved budget for the project is $1.55 million, which includes design, construction, project management and other soft costs. Funding is available from Fiscal Year 2017 bond funds for the Park Master Plan program. Some $185,000 of design and pre-construction services were previously funded in FY 2013.

Construction is expected to last about nine months. To read the staff report for this Consent Calendar item, view the agenda for the April 22, 2017 Regular County Board Meeting. Scroll down to Item No. 24.