Newest Annual Water Quality Report Now Online

Published on May 09, 2017

Arlington's 2016 water quality report is now online.

The County is required by law to prepare and publish the Consumer Confidence Report annually.

Based on sampling data taken throughout the year at our treatment plant and distribution system, the report confirms that Arlington's high-quality drinking water meets and exceeds all federal and state requirements.

It is filled with facts about the sources for your water and what makes it safe.

Visit to view the full study and those dating back each year to 2007.

To request a printed copy of the 2016 report, please call 703-228-6570. Send questions about the report or our water system to  We no longer publish the report in "The Citizen" County newsletter.

Arlington households use far less water than the national average. Our average annual use per household is about 57,000 gallons. The EPA's statistics put the national average at about 100,000 gallons per household per year.

Our households use less water because our household size is smaller, our lots are denser and our large stock of townhomes and multi-family buildings and frequent redevelopment mean we deploy more water conservation devices.