Helping Create Safer Routes to Arlington Schools

Published on September 01, 2017

The new school year is just days away and Arlington's Department of Environmental Services (DES) has worked hard all summer making the trip to class as safe as possible. 

[caption id="attachment_13313" align="alignright" width="150"] New trail connector at Bluemont Park.[/caption]

DES has crafted a number of pedestrian and bicycle improvements to support Safe Routes to School, the national program to improve safety and accessibility in the vicinity of schools.

Upgrades include:

  • Crossing improvements wrapping up at North Quincy Street and 15th Street to provide a safe walking and bicycle connection between Custis Trail and Washington-Lee High School, including the installation of a median refuge, sidewalk expansion and a rectangular rapid flashing beacon.

  • Connector on Four Mile Run Trail through Bluemont Park to Manchester Street and Ashlawn Elementary School.

  • Speed cushions on North Manchester Street and 5th Road North.

  • Intersection improvements on North Manchester Street between 5th and 8th

  • Bike lanes along South Eads Street.

New trail connector at Bluemont Park. DES continually explores ways to improve County roads, especially along routes used by Arlington students.

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