Arlington's Trees: The Benefits by the Numbers

Published on April 04, 2017

Arlington is certainly well-rooted. 

[caption id="attachment_11687" align="alignright" width="225"] Native Arlington White Oak[/caption]

The County is proud home to some 755,400 trees of at least 122 species. If you had to put a price on all that priceless foliage, it'd be worth more than $1.4 billion.

But the benefits are invaluable.

Beyond providing beauty, shade and homes for wildlife, our trees

  • reduce storm and floodwater runoff by 10,730,168 cubic feet per year, equal to 122 Olympic-sized pools.

  • remove about 1,235 tons per year of air pollution a year, making us healthier by preventing disease and hospital visits.

  • store about 30,900 cars' worth of carbon emissions right now, and add 1,500 more cars' worth of carbon every year.

  • prevent more than $1 million annually in avoided energy costs through shade and reflected heat.

How do we know all this?

Over the past year, County Parks and Recreation staff - with help from tree stewards and Arlington Regional Master Naturalist volunteers - have been capturing forestry analysis and benefits assessments using i-Tree, a powerful suite of software tools from the USDA Forest Service.

Like the trees themselves, this valuable field data will continue to help grow a clean and sustainable Arlington in our backyards, parks and forests.