Arlington VIPs Set for Housing Trivia Battle

Published on September 25, 2017

Quick: Which American trailblazer planted trees at Colonial Village, the historic multifamily complex built as affordable housing during the Great Depression and funded in part by Arlington County? 

If you said Eleanor Roosevelt - well, even if you didn't - you're officially invited to the Housing Trivia Battle!, part of October's Arlington celebration of Affordable Housing Month.

The trivia battle — hosted by County Board Chair Jay Fisette with contestants Sen. Barbara Favola, Del. Patrick Hope and former Board chairs Mary Hynes and Joe Wholey — takes place Oct. 16, 5 p.m. at Union on Queen, a new Rosslyn apartment building at 1515 North Queen St.

The evening begins with an open house and reception. Then we'll see how well these local leaders know their Arlington history, in particular the evolution of housing in the County.

Other programs for the month include Historic Westover! on Oct. 2 (walking tours and open house at the landmark affordable housing site) and the Live in Arlington Info Fair on Oct. 14.

Learn more about Arlington's broad and lasting commitment to affordable housing. Explore a rich timeline of milestones and highlights leading to present day.

One more housing question to put you in the mood: What is the minimum number of smoke detectors that must be present in a two-bedroom apartment?

Answer: three. Affordable Housing Month, October, also includes Fire Prevention Week.