Arlington County Board to Hold First of Two Exotic Pet Ban Hearings a

Published on March 17, 2017

  • Board plans to re-advertise proposed ban with revisions

  • Revisions include allowing hedgehogs

  • Plans to vote to hold second hearing in April

The Arlington County Board will hold a public hearing at its Regular Meeting on Saturday, March 18 on a proposed ordinance banning the keeping of wild or exotic pets within the County's boundaries. Responding to feedback from the community, the Board also will consider revisions to the proposed ordinance and vote on re-advertising it.

If the Board votes in favor of re-advertising, it will hold a second public hearing and take final action on the revised proposed ordinance at its April meeting.

County staff will make a presentation on the proposed revisions at the Saturday, March 18 meeting. Revisions include clarifying that hedgehogs will be allowed, and other changes.

Pigs and poisonous reptiles already are banned under the County Code; the proposed changes would expand the ban to include other wild or exotic animals.

To read the staff report, and view the staff presentation for this item, visit the County website. Scroll down to Agenda Item No 23. 

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