A Better Bridge for North Carlin Springs Road

Published on July 15, 2017

  • County's most deteriorated bridge to be completely replaced

  • New bridge safety features for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers

  • New bike lanes for North Carlin Springs Road

The Arlington County Board today approved a contract to completely replace the North Carlin Springs Road Bridge over North George Mason Drive. While the existing bridge is still structurally sound, it has shown the greatest deterioration of any County-owned bridge. The new bridge will include structural improvements and new safety features for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

"After more than 55 years of service, this bridge is showing signs of real wear and tear," Arlington County Board Chair Jay Fisette said. "The new bridge will look better, provide more safety and will better accommodate the 21st century's different ways of getting around."

The Board voted 5-0 to approve a $6.97 million contract (including contingency) with Rustler Construction, Inc. to replace the bridge. The County plans to build the new bridge and demolish the old one in a manner that will maintain traffic safety and access while minimizing negative impacts on the community.

[caption id="attachment_12846" align="alignright" width="194"]N. Carlin Springs Road Bridge Current North Carlin Springs Road Bridge[/caption]

Four travel lanes

The replacement bridge will include the same number of travel lanes — four — as exist today, and wider sidewalks on the structure. Bike lanes will be added on North Carlin Springs Road. The new bridge's design includes a façade arch, decorative railing and improved lighting. The street name (North Carlin Springs Road) will adorn the bridge façade.

Public recommended designs

The County collected design recommendations from the public via an online survey in 2012. Some of those recommendations — particularly about the arch, decorative railing and inclusion of the street name — made it into the bridge's final design.

Adjacent sanitary sewer to be upgraded

[caption id="attachment_12852" align="alignleft" width="150"] Plan for new bridge[/caption]

The project will also upgrade an adjacent sanitary sewer on North Carlin Springs Road between North Abingdon Street and North George Mason Drive. More than 600 feet of an existing 18-inch diameter sanitary sewer trunk line will be replaced by a new 30-inch diameter line. Combining bridge and sewer work allows for better construction coordination and will reduce impacts on area residents and the traveling public.

The project is funded by County transportation bonds, state grants and regional funds. Construction is expected to begin this fall and is expected to be finished in late 2018 or early 2019.

Learn more about the project here. To read the staff report, scroll down to Item No. 28 on the Agenda for the July 15, 2017 Regular County Board Meeting.