Yard Waste Collection Cart Delivery Begins

Published on February 08, 2016

With Arlington's yard waste collection program starting March 14, contractor American Disposal Services began delivering yard waste carts today to ensure all 33,000 carts are delivered to customers across the County before service begins.  Cart deliveries will continue for the next six-eight weeks.

Do not use your yard waste cart until March 14. Items put in the yard waste carts before March 14 will be disposed of as trash. Each cart delivered will have a brochure inside its lid detailing what to do with the cart.

Spring yard waste collection used to occur the day after a resident's trash and recycling were collected. However, with the addition of the new year-round yard waste collection program,  yard waste will be collected on the resident's regular trash and recycling collection day throughout the year.

If you opted out of receiving a yard waste cart, you can dispose of yard waste in biodegradable paper bags after March 14.

To learn more about cart delivery or how to use the carts, including what material to put inside them, please contact the Solid Waste Bureau at 703-228-6570.