Wednesday's Snow Event in Arlington

Published on January 21, 2016

Based on weather predictions, we, and the entire region,  underestimated the amount of yesterday's snow, and the ice that came with it. Our crews began pre-treating some streets with brine, in anticipation of tomorrow's expected blizzard. They did not get to all of them before the snow began to fall, and it is not clear that the brine helped, due to the very cold roadways, heavy traffic and heavier-than-expected snow. Across the region, crews were caught by surprise.

Our crews switched to salt, but many of the main roads owned and maintained by VDOT, as well as  our neighborhood streets — and streets across the region -- became slick and treacherous. Traffic jams on main streets made it difficult for crews to work. Our crews were out all night, treating  main roads and streets to schools. We will continue to work on the roads today, and through the coming snow event. We know that it was a scary and frustrating night for our residents. Drivers should stay off the roads if at all possible, this morning.

For more information, visit our Snow & Ice website.