Statement on Metro SafeTrack Plans

Published on May 06, 2016

Statement from Arlington County Board Chair Libby Garvey and Arlington County Manager Mark Schwartz:

Today's news from WMATA is sobering but also encouraging for the long-term safety and health of Metrorail. We recognize that these are much-needed repairs and they can't be put off any longer. A safe and reliable Metrorail system is vital to the continued economic health and vitality of Arlington.

All of the region's leadership is working on how best to keep our residents and businesses operating through the aggressive repair schedule laid out today. In Arlington, our transportation team has already begun discussions with WMATA on developing the best alternative ways to get people to their destinations during the phased work that begins this summer.

We saw during the March all-day shutdown of Metrorail that our region is resilient and alternatives are possible. Our residents and businesses are resourceful and inventive. And Arlington's emphasis on providing many travel options, which we've developed over many years, will continue to serve us well during this challenging time.

Arlington Board Member Christian Dorsey is our representative on the WMATA Board and he will continue to look out for our community's needs and concerns. We will also continue to work closely with WMATA staff and our counterparts across the region to do the best we can to keep our region moving forward.