Fresher Water on Tap via Minor Hill Reservoir

Published on October 03, 2016

Arlington's water system is more dependable than ever with the completion this summer of a new water transmission line to the Minor Hill Reservoir.

[caption id="attachment_9504" align="alignright" width="231"]Amani Eisa, engineer program manager for Water, Sewer, Streets, gives a tour of upgrades to the Minor Hill Reservoir system. Amani Eisa, engineer program manager, gives a tour of upgrades to the Minor Hill Reservoir system.[/caption]

This is the final project of a multi-phase effort in which the County improved the redundancy and the capacity of the main line into the reservoir.

The result? A more reliable system, with water that cycles through the network faster, which means fresher water at the tap.

Arlington County's water distribution system has available storage of 32 million gallons. The Minor Hill Reservoir features four underground storage tanks that have a combined capacity of 24 million gallons. The tanks serve mainly as storage facilities for the County's Reservoir North and West pressure zones.

The total cost of the project was $4 million — completed on time and under budget. This multiphase effort is another example of Arlington's ongoing efforts to maintain the highest water quality possible.

For an inside look into the reservoir, check out the latest Arlington TV Street Beat segment with the chief support engineer for Water, Sewer, Streets, Dave Hundelt.