December 2016 County Board Meeting Agenda Highlights

Published on December 03, 2016

The Arlington County Board will act on dozens of items at its December County Board Meeting, on Saturday, Dec. 10 and Tuesday, Dec. 13. Visit the County website for procedures for speaking at a Board Meeting.

ATV, the County's Cable station, broadcasts County Board Meetings live  on Comcast 25 and Verizon 40, and webstreams the meetings. The County also broadcasts and webstreams County Board work sessions and meetings of the Planning Commission and Transportation Commission.

Among the Agenda Highlights:

Saturday, Dec. 10 Regular Meeting

View the agenda and read the staff reports. Scroll down to find the items listed below. (Note: some staff reports are not posted for several days after the agenda is available on the County website, but are always available before the Board Meeting.)

(Note: this meeting starts at 8:30 am with public comment.)

  • Authorization for permanent car-share program/Final evaluation of point-to-point car-sharing study - The County Board will consider a proposed ordinance to amend the County Code to allow for a permanent car-sharing program. The changes would allow for "free-floating" car-share, where trips start and end in different locations, and "reserved-space" car-share, where trips start and end in locations reserved for car-sharing service. The Board also will hear a final analysis of and staff recommendations resulting from the County's point-to-point car-sharing demonstration study with car2go. Item No. 20 (A and B).

  • Contracts for Lubber Run and Barcroft community centers — The Board will consider approving the award of a $3.9 million contract (including contingency) for planning, design and construction administration of the new Lubber Run Community Center. The new center will be up to four stories, with a gymnasium, underground parking, green space and playground areas. Staff is recommending that the Board approve awarding the contract to VMDO, Inc. as the most qualified bid of eight proposals received. Funding for the project is included in the Fiscal Year 2015-2022 Capital Improvement Program. The total project budget is $47.5 million. Item No. 22.

  • The Board also will consider approving a contract to the Sorensen Gross Company for the conversion and buildout of a second gymnastics area, interior renovation and roof and HVAC replacement at Barcroft Community Center, 4200 S. Arlington Mill Drive. Item No. 23.

  • Public arts project -- The Board will consider a staff recommendation to approve a $1 million contract, (including contingency), with the Virginia Department of Transportation to fabricate and install four stainless steel, lighted Luminous Body sculptures designed by artist Cliff Garten in the Lynn Street Esplanade. The artwork will create an easily recognized and iconic entrance to the County from Key Bridge, Lee Highway and westbound I-66. Item No. 24.

  • School height, setbacks and parking modifications -- The County Board will hold a public hearing and consider a staff recommendation that it amend the Zoning Ordinance to give the Board the authority to modify height, setbacks and parking for elementary, middle and high schools. With three new schools planned that do not meet current height and setback requirements, staff is recommending amending the Zoning Ordinance to allow the Board to modify height and setback requirements, subject to use permit approval, for schools in the S-3A Special District. To allow modifications, the Board would have to find that the proposed school project considers scale of surrounding development; facilitates use of the range of transportation options available to the property, balances opportunities for open space and recreational amenities and emphasizes conservation and environmental sustainability through design, materials and construction methods. The County Board could also modify required parking provided it finds that the modifications create or preserve recreational facilities through use of sustainable design techniques and provision of a transportation demand management plan. Item No. 35.

  • Regulating short-term residential rentals — The Board will hold a public hearing and consider a staff recommendation to allow short-term residential rentals in Arlington. A proposed Zoning Ordinance amendment would define short-term residential rentals and create standards for their use. The staff recommendation was informed by feedback from an extensive civic engagement effort. Staff is recommending that short-term residential rentals be allowed with limitations to protect the character of residential neighborhoods; ensure basic health and safety measures are in place, and regulate and limit the use in a manner consistent with the County's Comprehensive Plan. (The plan guides development in the County). Item No. 36.

  • Five-year renewal of Comcast franchise agreement — The Board will hold a public hearing and consider staff's recommendation that it approve a draft agreement that would extend Comcast's franchise agreement with the County for five years, beginning in 2017. The County's three public access entities (Arlington Television, Arlington Educational Television and Arlington Independent Media) currently have two channels each. Under the proposed agreement, one channel for each entity will be upgraded to high definition. In addition, each entity will continue to receive grants from Comcast for capital and related expenditures. Item No. 37.

Tuesday, Dec. 13 Recessed Meeting   

View the agenda and read the staff reports. (Note: this session will begin earlier than usual, at 2 p.m.)

At the 2 p.m. session:

  • Board and County Manager reports and Board appointments of commissioners.

At 5 p.m. — Swearing-in of Board Chair Libby Garvey

  • County Board Chair Libby Garvey, re-elected to the Board on Nov. 8, 2016, will be sworn-in for a new four-year term. Join us for the swearing-in and the public reception that will follow in the Board Room Atrium area.

 At 6:30 p.m. — Year-end video: Arlington 2016 highlights.

  • Trespass towing — The Board will hold a public hearing and consider staff recommendations for changes to the Trespass Towing ordinance. Item No. 41.