County Plans to Expand Financial Fraud, Waste & Abuse Hotline to

Published on June 21, 2016

  • Manager reports to County Board on employee hotline

  • County government employees made 13 complaints to date

  • Hotline currently for employees only, plans to expand to public in late fall

Thirteen complaints were made by employees to the County's Financial Fraud, Waste & Abuse Hotline since it was launched in May 2015, County Manager Mark Schwartz reported today to the County Board.

"We believe the hotline is providing an effective tool for employees to report suspected financial waste, fraud and abuse without fear of retaliation," Schwartz said. "Now that we have a year's experience of operating the hotline, we plan to expand its use by the public this fall." Schwartz said the public hotline will be widely publicized.

About the hotline

The hotline went live in May 2015. It offers a confidential, secure way for County government employees to report suspected financial fraud, waste and abuse. It is run by an experienced third-party provider, and employees may choose to remain anonymous when reporting. A County Review Committee, composed of staff appointed by the County Manager, reviews each complaint and takes the appropriate action necessary to determine the validity of the complaint.

To date, the hotline has received the following complaints from employees.

  • Four related to employee relations -- referred to Human Resources

  • Six determined to be unsubstantiated

  • One was a clarification on the County's travel policy

  • Two currently being reviewed

How the employee hotline works

The hotline is available to employees 24/7. They may call in or contact the hotline through a secure website, and may choose to provide their name or remain anonymous. They may also file online complaints, in English and Spanish, and in a variety of languages over the phone.