Car2go Carsharing Turns the Arlington-District Line into Open Road

Published on May 12, 2016

Car2go -- the carsharing service that rolled into Arlington last year on a test basis -- has a new-and-improved answer to the musical question, "Can I take it to the bridge?"

Beginning May 26, members in the County will be able to drive their borrowed wheels into Washington D.C., while the reverse option begins for those heading west out of the District.

Car2go launched last fall in Arlington, offering the flexibility of a vehicle without the obligations of ownership.

An app takes care of the logistics. The cars don't have to be returned to their original locations. A quick, one-way drive starts by locating one of the service's distinctive compacts parked nearby and can end in any legal spot at the destination.

Until the new partnership with the District, Arlington members couldn't leave the County with car2go and District members were equally restricted by D.C. boundaries. However, eliminating this restriction won't mean a flood of new cars on Arlington streets. The maximum number of car2go vehicles in Arlington will be limited to 200, with car2go redeploying cars in excess of this number.

County Transportation Director Dennis Leach calls the expanded routes a "logical next step for Arlington's year-long demonstration study with car2go. Our residents, workers and visitors will benefit from a seamless carsharing network that allows them to cross into the District, providing another option for their daily trips."

For now, car2go has waived its traditional $35 membership fee and is also offering 15 minutes of free drive time - visit to join.

Although some 2,000 Arlington residents signed up for car2go in its first months, local membership will likely climb now that there's no longer a bridge too far between Arlington and the nation's capital.