Arlington Launches Public Financial Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline

Published on November 09, 2016

  • Public can report suspected instances of financial fraud, waste & abuse
  • Complaints are confidential and may be anonymous
  • Complaints can be made by phone or online
  • Expands existing County employee hotline

Arlington is launching its Financial Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline to the public Nov. 15. The hotline builds on our values of good government and transparency as a fiscally responsible government operating from a foundation of integrity. It will offer a confidential and secure way to report suspected incidents of financial fraud, waste and abuse.

Expanding on an existing program for County employees, the hotline is intended for complaints of a financial nature, where the suspected activity or omission will have a negative impact on County operations and/or resources.

"Ethics are at the core of what we do as public stewards," said County Manager Mark Schwartz. "Our employees, by and large, do the right thing every day. We successfully launched an employee financial waste, fraud and abuse hotline in May of 2015. We are pleased to expand this hotline to the public, as another easy way for anyone to report suspected instances of financial fraud, waste and abuse."

The hotline is operated by Ethical Advocate, an experienced third-party provider.

Reporting a complaint

Anyone can submit a complaint to the hotline:

  • By telephone: 1-866-565-9206
  • On the website, available 24/7 every day of the year at
  • The hotline website is available in Spanish, as well as English. Phone calls can be taken in many languages.


Anonymous complaints accepted

Whether you contact the hotline by phone or via the web, you will be asked a series of questions about the incident you are reporting. You will create a username and password.  Be sure to safeguard this username and password so that you can log on again, or call back into the system, so that you can provide and receive information about your complaints on an ongoing basis. You can choose to be anonymous or provide your identity in the complaint.

Complaints are confidential

Complaints will be forwarded to a Review Committee, established by the County Manager to review and to determine appropriate action. All complaints are handled confidentially, and, depending upon the complaint, may be subject to possible review by the Arlington County Police Department and may be subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

Other County resources are available to report issues that are not part of this FFWA Hotline Service. For example, the hotline is not the place to report issues about zoning, taxes, nuisance loud noises, trash pickup, etc.  Service requests should not be reported through the hotline. Two of our most popular — and useful — resources are listed below: