Arlington Honors Businesses for Innovative Transportation Programs

Published on March 15, 2016

  • 65 Arlington businesses receive highest level honors

  • 177 Arlington businesses receive bronze, silver or gold

  • 2015 Champions honored for sustainable transportation strategies

Dedication to providing sustainable transportation to your employees and tenants — that's what it takes to become a Platinum Level Transportation Champion in Arlington. Sixty-five Arlington businesses received that highest level of recognition today from the Arlington County Board.

The program, created by Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) and supported by Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS), seeks to motivate businesses, multi-family residential communities, commercial properties and schools to take steps to reduce traffic congestion in Arlington County.

"It is so important to encourage our business owners and managers to improve transportation options for their employees, and to recognize them when they do," said Arlington County Board Chair Libby Garvey. "The programs that our Platinum Champions have put in place benefit not only their employees and tenants but everyone in Arlington, because every time someone switches from driving alone in their car to and from work to using an alternative, we all benefit from roads that are less congested and an environment that is less polluted."

How a business becomes Platinum

Platinum Level Champions are companies in Arlington that have made a financial and cultural commitment to implementing transportation initiatives and programs. These businesses provide benefits such as a direct or combination subsidized transportation benefit, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service. They provide a shuttle service to transit, or sponsor a Capital Bikeshare station. Their executive management values a balanced corporate culture that includes improved employee benefits and sustainability.

Their efforts, supported by ACCS, help remove 41,000 cars from Arlington roads every weekday by encouraging commuters to use alternatives to driving alone. They help reduce traffic congestion and emissions, improve the quality of life and daily commutes of Arlingtonians and people who work here by promoting transit, carpooling and vanpooling, bicycling, walking and teleworking as alternatives to single occupancy vehicle trips.

Champions program continues to grow

Launched in 2013, Champions has steadily expanded. In 2015, the program included Arlington Public Schools and doubled in participation, reaching 241 active companies. These businesses have the opportunity to become Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Level Champions based on their level of participation, programs they implement and the amenities they offer.

Raising the bar for 2016

For the upcoming 2016 Champions award year beginning in March, ATP has raised the bar from 2015. Participating organizations will be challenged more at each level to implement tangible programs that encourage employees, residents and tenants to try more sustainable transportation options. For example, ATP will help employers determine how people are currently getting to work, then help them increase the number using options other than driving alone in a car. ATP may also engage with employers on why the subsidize parking, and educate them on how parking subsidies can make it harder to encourage use of other means of transportation.

Champions strives to raise the expectations of how much transportation programs will benefit both Arlington and its businesses.

To view a list of all the businesses honored as 2015 Champions, and for more information on Champions, visit the County website.

About ATP:

Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) provides transportation expertise and services to businesses, multi-family residential communities, commercial properties and schools in Arlington County, Virginia.  In operation since 1998, ATP has assisted over 700 businesses, 300 residential communities and 90 site plan properties located in Arlington County to improve their transportation amenities and commuter benefits.  Their innovative programs and expert knowledge base have made them the leading Transportation Demand Management (TDM) specialists in the country. In addition, these services and programs have significant impacts on commuting patterns, traffic congestion, personal health and air quality in Arlington County.