Arlington Celebrates Centenarians

Published on June 29, 2016

There were speeches, proclamations from the County Board and state legislature, cake and historical photos of Arlington. But the question on every audience member's mind at Tuesday's celebration of Arlington's centenarians was: "What's the secret to reaching 100 years of age?"

Arlington's Department of Human Services hosted the event -- which was organized by its Arlington Area Agency on Aging and Aging and Disability Services Division -- and hopes to make it an annual tradition. "Today is about honoring and celebrating Arlington residents who have reached their 100th birthday," said Aging and Disability Services Division Chief Glenda Blake. "We want you to know how much your contributions to the community are appreciated and how your lives have touched us and inspired us."

Proclamations sponsored by County Board Chair Libby Garvey and State Delegate Patrick Hope emphasized how much the County values older adults and appreciates what they bring to the community.

Centenarians' secrets to living a long life:

  • Martha Ann Miller: Taking supervitamin B

  • Raymond Renola: Luck, exercise and refusing to get old

  • Allan Matthews: My son tells me it is all genetics, but I say it is 1/3 genetics, 1/3 luck, and 1/3 diet and exercise.

  • Hasso von Bredow: Staying active… and port wine

  • Dowdell Lee Tillman: Patience, and never worrying too much, especially about things you can't control.

  • Vera Punke: People ask me this all the time! I don't know what it's like to get old. I'll tell you when I get there. I do tell people there's one thing I don't have to worry about, and that's dying young.

Learn more about those honored at the event.

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