Prevent Pollution

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Only Rain Down the Storm Drain


Help keep Arlington’s streams and environment clean! Only let rain in the storm drain. 

Rain from roads, roofs, driveways, parking lots, and backyards runs off into storm drains. This runoff is not treated. Storm drain pipes carry runoff directly to the nearest neighborhood stream.

Keep litter, dog waste, soil, grass clippings, leaves, salt, and wash water out of the storm drains. If it’s on the street, it’s in the stream.


For Restaurants and Other Businesses

Close the lid! Keep dumpster and grease container lids closed to avoid trash from blowing out and from filling with rain water.

If you spill outside, clean it up using dry clean up methods. Sweep up and/or use absorbent materials, but NEVER hose the spill off into a storm drain.

Arlington County is happy to provide its businesses with the materials shown here as reminders of best practices to avoid polluting our waterways. Contact Lily Whitesell to request copies.

Keep wash water and grease out of storm drains dry cleanup cooking oil.jpg(PDF, 5MB)     back-of-house-maintenance-for-restaurants.jpg(PDF, 11MB)  Pollution Prevention Inspection Checklist for Businesses 

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