Woman teaches children about gardening.

As part of Arlington’s ongoing sustainability efforts, we’re focusing attention on urban agriculture. Nothing defines fresh and local like growing produce in your own backyard or in a community garden.

Community gardens provide many unique benefits to urban residents.

  • These gardens provide a catalyst for neighborhood and community development.
  • They stimulate social interaction and encourage self-reliance, while adding beauty to our neighborhoods.
  • It’s also a place to teach your children about the earth and growing things and reduces our carbon footprint.
  • Community gardeners can produce nutritious food that helps reduce their family food budget.
  • Many gardeners also donate produce to local food assistance programs.
  • Self-reliance, physical health and strong communities are just some of the things that can be grown in a community garden.

Practicing green gardening, like composting, planting native plants and eco-friendly lawn care, is also an important part of sustainable living. Not only do green gardening practices help create a beautiful landscape that’s a vital part of your home and community, but they can save you money by reducing energy consumption and improve the quality of our local streams.