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Expand your knowledge of Black history and honor the work and contributions of Black Americans.

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Realizing Arlington’s Commitment to Equity

Racial inequity affects our present-day lives, but just as importantly, our future. In September 2019, the County Board adopted an Equity Resolution. To further this commitment to equity, Arlington County Government and Arlington Public Schools participated in a 10-month racial equity cohort program convened by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments in partnership with the Government Alliance on Race and Equity, specifically identifying racial equity as a priority. This means closing race-based outcome gaps so race does not predict one’s success while improving outcomes for everyone; moving beyond services to focus on policies, institutions and structures. The County puts forward a framework for a Racial Equity Action Plan to be developed with the community and organization.

Race and Ethnicity Dashboard

The Race and Ethnicity Dashboard has been updated with the 2021 American Community Survey (ACS) estimates released in December 2022. The dashboard now includes trend data, showing the changes between 2011 to 2021—and splits the 22 variables into thematic categories by demographic, household, and labor force data. Explore the latest update.

The CPHD Population and Demographic Estimates Dashboard (beta version) provides demographic profiles for Arlington’s Civic Associations, which do not align to U.S. Census Bureau geographies. 

Racial History Timelines

Acknowledging the racialized origins and policies of United States history is fundamental for communities to gain knowledge and understanding of racial equity. The following timelines document key historical events in Arlington County related to housing, education, community facilities, public safety, transportation, urban planning, public infrastructure, and more. Learn more or check out the timelines below.




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Dialogues on Race & Equity (DRE)

Addressing racial equity and reducing disparities requires Arlingtonians across the County to share their perspectives. Through these shared perspectives and small interactive virtual conversations, individual residents, community groups, and leaders have an opportunity to participate in facilitated dialogue with each other to learn about and directly address racial equity issues in Arlington County.

The Dialogues on Race and Equity (DRE) are part of the County’s broadercommitment to racial equityand follows the County Board’s2019 equity resolution.


Leading with RACE

The Leading with RACE online learning series was developed by the Arlington County County Manager’s Office of R.A.C.E. in collaboration with individual contributors. It has been adapted and made available as a resource that can be used by anyone to learn terms, definitions, and concepts around racial equity.

Completing this series will increase your awareness and knowledge and provide examples of tools that will help you understand how to eliminate race-based opportunity gaps in policies, institutions and structures to improve outcomes for all.

As you move through the modules, we hope you gain an understanding of how we work in Arlington County to become a community where all are valued, educated, healthy, and safe, regardless of race.

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